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 Rules Of Yahoo-Damn

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PostSubject: Rules Of Yahoo-Damn   Sun May 15, 2011 12:10 pm

* No links to other websites or Other Forum unless authorized by admin
* Use a proper title for ur posts
* Post in correct section
* Political talk, abusive language posts, criticism on any religion is not allowed.
* Adult links, pictures, words are not allowed
* Do not repeat ur question again & again
* Search before post because some time any application is already given in forum but users again & again ask the same question.
* Big picture in signature are not allowed
* Shop advertisement in signature is not allowed
* Any file which contain any other forum link or virus in it will be removed immediately from Yahoo-Damn Forum
* After two warnings we will ban the user on Yahoo-Damn Forum who is not following the rules set by us
* Healthy and humorous debates are welcomed but within some limits
* Ask the questions in open forum instead of sending PM’s to any user or any Admin
* Commercial links are allowed if they are intended to help your fellow members
* Admin and Moderators decisions are final
* Do not try to increase ur posts by sending fake information because we are checking all the posts very carefully
* Adults pictures in aviator are not allowed
* Try to avoid using X*X world in ur posts
* Download all the software’s at your own risk board is not responsible if any file case damage to ur equipments.
* Do not use any user name as title of ur post
* Usage of all the software’s given in our board depends on ur own self we are not responsible whether you use them for good or evil
* Do not send other forums/websites links to other users because if we come to know this thing then we will block ur PM box option so don’t force us to do such things with you
* Off topic posts will be moved to “Recycle Bin” or deleted from our data base
* Try to avoid copy past, instead of this understand 1st that thing then write in simple & in ur own words for users.
* Long signatures are not allowed. we will soon remove all those signature which make forum slow
* Do not upload those files about which you by ur-self don’t know any thing.
* We will some new rules with the passage of time but currently all of you have to follow all the above rules at any cost if you want to stay for a long in Yahoo-Damn Forum
* Forum Admin team can edit any member post, signature, avaitor & profile for which they are responcable to no one
* When issue solved Admin will lock the post. If need to re-open then PM to any Admin member
* No one is above the rules all the above given rules are equally applicable to all the members of Booter-World Forum without any discrimination.

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Rules Of Yahoo-Damn
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